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    Come Over - Aaliyah

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Come Over

I jus touched down(touched down)
quarter after two(flight 102)
I know it’s late(real late)
But I’m callin’ you(callin’ you)
Tryin’ to figure if I(I),
see(see)you(can I come see you)
I know your asleep(your asleep)
But you’re on my mind(my mind)
And I’m wide awake(awake)
And I wanna stop by(come on over)
So can you get up,and get out of the bed,cuz I wanna
see you and I’ve been wonderin’…
Can I come over
Can I(come over)
Stop by(come over)
To see you(come over)
Tonight(Can I come over)
Can I(Come over)
Get wit you(Come over)
Jus’ wanna(Come over)
Be wit you babe
(2 x)
Tell me what’s the deal
your not that far
I jus’ got my bags,and I’m headed to the car
say "Yes" or "No",
cuz I’m on the road
(Umm..wait a minute my battery’s low..let me..iight)
Baby I wanna come see you
Said I really wanna come see you
Don’t you worry ’bout a thing
I’m jus’ wantin’ to hold you,embrace you,
I want to,I got you and tell you,how much I
love you,I want you,I need you,
Miss you…
(2 x)

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