P.T.A. - unknown

I know I’m getting on / and you’re so very young / but would you like to stay / until next Saturday / or Sunday? / I’ll give you your own room / it’s next door to my room / and some time in the night / well, maybe I just might / Oh take […]

Deep Fried In Kelvin - unknown

Oh children of the future … conceived in the toilets at Meadowhall … to be raised on the cheap cold slabs of garage floors … rolling empty cans down the stairway … (don’t you love that sound?) … whilst the thoughts of a bad social worker ran through his head … trying to remember what […]

Seconds - unknown

She / she used to live with his brother / Now she’s an unmarried mother / with another / on the way / He’s seond rate / twisted out of shape / and he looks a state, it costs so much to look this rough / They go to town / they like to shop […]

His ‘N’ Hers - unknown

I’ve got the time / and you’ve got the space / I’m gonna wipe you down / and lick the smile off your face, the smile off your face / Though we know that it’s wrong / towel sets / matching combs / Oh it looks so good but does it turn you on? / […]

Your Sisters Clothes - unknown

I never thought that you would come / your sister said your nerve had gone / You’re trying to make it straight right now / but I don’t think that you know how / Your sister knows / she wears your clothes / she laughs / at all those things you chose / Your sister […]

You’re A Nightmare - unknown

All day / I’m doing fine / ‘cos there are things / to pass the time / Smoke a cig / and drink some tea / watch a programme / on TV / I just don’t care where you are now / ‘cos I’m sorted out, and how / I’ve got it all set up […]

Street Lites - unknown

Doorways / corners / and the street lights dance in your eyes / Behind the cinema / in the rain / in the subway / where the walls crumble and cover you in fine dust / ‘cos we haven’t got a home to go to / touch me / on the back seat, on the […]

The Professional - unknown

Oh I’m back in the full effect / I can’t even hold myself erect / I got nothing that I wanna say / I’m gonna say it anyway / I know you think that I’ve lost it, baby / I know you think that my star is fading / Used to be a contender / […]

Kill Em Live - unknown

Verse 1: chuck d All i wanna do is get paid back For all that time i spent in the back Livin in shacks, fillin up sacks of cotton Now it’s what we fought, you’re makin six packs There’s some got our hope out of control Of my soul, pass the ol’ gold Behold the […]

Flavor Flav Cold Lampin’ - unknown

Drayton – shocklee – sadler Um lampin, um lampin, um cole cole lampin I got loowies boy, um not trampin I just came from da-crib ya know Um on da go-throw ya tank into metro Live lyrics from the bank of reality I kick da flyest dope maneuver technicality To a dope track, you wanna […]