Come Over - Aaliyah

hmmmmmm yeah,yeah hmmmmmmmm I jus touched down(touched down) quarter after two(flight 102) I know it’s late(real late) But I’m callin’ you(callin’ you) Tryin’ to figure if I(I), Can(can), Come(come), see(see)you(can I come see you) I know your asleep(your asleep) But you’re on my mind(my mind) And I’m wide awake(awake) And I wanna stop by(come on […]

You Got Nerve - Aaliyah

Uh Uh c’mon Watch out Uh c’mon Oh oh….. Gave you chances on top of chances Opportunities taken for granted My reality is all your exshalities Cause insanity Why you askin’me? Took my kindness for a sign of weakness My own blindness cause my sadness No longer am a slave over your madness I am […]

What If - Aaliyah

what if.. every guy i saw What if.. sittin down at the bar What if.. i told him to give me a call What if.. what if, what if, what if What if.. every guy in the place What if.. was all up in my face What if.. what would you say What if.. what […]

We Need A Resolution - Aaliyah

Verse – 1 Did you sleep on the wrong side? I’m catching a bad vibe And it’s contagious, what’s the latest? Speak your heart, don’t bite your tongue Don’t get it twisted, don’t misuse it What’s your problem? Lets resolve We can solve, what’s the causes? It’s official, you got issues I got issues, but […]

Try Again - Aaliyah

timbaland’s intro: It’s been a long time (long time), we shouldn’t of left you (left you), Without a dope beat to step to (step to..step to..step t..step to). (repeat) Verse 1: What would you do, to get to me? What would you say, to have your way? Would you give it up or try again? […]

Those Were The Days - Aaliyah

We ain’t lovers no more We don’t laugh no more We don’t play no more We don’t make-up no more We don’t kiss no more We don’t hug no more You don’t please me no more You don’t touch no more Give me chills no more We don’t go out no more We don’t kick […]

The Thing I Like - Aaliyah

Hmmm 1993 Yo liyah why don’t you do me a favour Why don’t you let all of the fellas out there know That they got a thing that you like, yeah Here we go, here we go, here we go Chorus You’ve got that thing i like 4x Verse 1 Boy you know just what […]

Sexy Stylez - Aaliyah

more than a woman Passion, instant Sweat me, feel me Cupid’s shot me My heartbeat’s racing Tempt me, drive me Feels so exciting Thought of highly It’s yours entirely I’ll be… I’ll be more than a lover More than a woman More than your others I’ll be… I’ll be more than a lover More than […]

Rock The Boat - Aaliyah

artist – aaliyah Song – rock da boat Album – aaliyah Typed by – Chorus: Boy you know you make me float Boy you really get me high I feel like i’m on dope Cause you You serve me on a regular Boy we need to tie this rope Before we drift any deeper […]

Read Between The Lines - Aaliyah

uh hu You got to read between the lines You got to read between the lines You got to read between the lines Ah ah ah ah Late afternoon It’s the sun going down A call on the cell Why is he in such a hurry Leaving the room He’s mumbling too Now look what […]