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    Crocodile Woman (she Bites) - Hollies

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Crocodile Woman (she Bites)

(clarke / sylvester / hicks)
Keep away from that hard-looking woman
Don’t be fooled by her crocodile smile
She uses charm like a witch casting bad spells
You can’t see what i can see for miles
I know she’ll leave you with no self-respect
Builds you up only to destroy you
It’ll happen at a time you won’t expect
Don’t let her leave you ‘reject’
Sly girl, good timer, she’s just a social climber
She bites
Entice, so nice, but you have to pay the price
She bites
She’ll take away everything that you’ve got
Leaving you cold when you think things are hot
Bad kind, no good, making up her own rules
Be on your guard, boy, if she loses her cool
Chorus x2
Verse 1
Chorus x2
She bites, she bites, she bites

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