There’s Always Goodbye - Hollies

(richards) Ever since that first night When i gave my love to you Everything seemed so right You are my sunlight shining through And i tried so not to let it show Yet it seems sad because i know No matter how hard i try No matter how hard i try There’s always goodbye You […]

My Island - Hollies

(clarke / sylvester / hicks) Sailing on a summer breeze, going back to my island Nearly done my time, my life will be mine once again The distant past so far behind and i hope there hasn’t been many changes ‘cos i haven’t seen my island for such a long time Oh oh oh oh, […]

Crocodile Woman (she Bites) - Hollies

(clarke / sylvester / hicks) Keep away from that hard-looking woman Don’t be fooled by her crocodile smile She uses charm like a witch casting bad spells You can’t see what i can see for miles I know she’ll leave you with no self-respect Builds you up only to destroy you It’ll happen at a […]

Stranger - Hollies

(clarke / sylvester / hicks) Down down down town, east side of the river Bowery boys are living off the street There stands a stranger all dressed in black He’s looking for someone – he’s gonna knife ’em in the back Hit man, g-man, con man, watch it man, he might be from the cia […]

Narida - Hollies

(clarke / sylvester / hicks) Na na na na narida Na na na na narida Sweet narida backstreeta, no one can beat her at her own game Joe minnesota owed her, didn’t pay, ended up on a different plane So don’t mess around with sweet narida ‘cos you know no one’s gonna beat her Narida […]

I Won’t Move Over - Hollies

(clarke / sylvester / hicks) Say what you want, think what you like You won’t persuade me My flame will keep on burning i know it’s not over My eyes don’t see, my ears don’t hear All those stories Going in circles, circulating That it’s over She gave to me, i gave to her A […]

Love Is The Thing - Hollies

(clarke / sylvester / hicks) Love is the thing It always comes back to love In the end Love is the thing That brings you closer to a friend In the end Love, love, love Love takes you back To the first love you had Remembering They say you can’t forget Your first taste of […]

Sweet Country Calling - Hollies

(clarke / sylvester / hicks) Going down to take a ride on the rock island line I’m gonna meet an old friend of mine It’s gonna be a fine ride if only i can hide From the man who guards the freighting line I’ve got two thousand miles to go where i want to be […]

Write On - Hollies

(clarke / sylvester / hicks) Write on, even though there’s no one listening to your songs Write on Shine on, get it together, let your light break through Shine on, baby, shine on Write on, sitting on your own, waiting for the phone Come on, come on, come on Write on, for your fame and […]

Star - Hollies

(clarke / sylvester / hicks) I was jiving along in my big cadillac Saw a thumb going up, i said driver go back Played her a track from my latest lp Getting bad vibes she hadn’t recognized me She said she didn’t know me but my name’s been in lights Giant size neons on the […]