When You Come To The End Of The Day - Perry Como

When you come to the end of the day, And the night calls your worries away, Do you ever watch the setting sun, And dream of things that you might have done? Do you turn from your work with a smile? Do you feel that it’s all worth the while? As you dream the twilight […]

All Through The Night - Perry Como

Sleep my child and peace attend thee, All through the night . . . Guardian angels god will send thee, All through the night . . . Soft the drowsy hours are creeping, Hill and vale in slumber steeping, I my loving vigil keeping, All through the night . . . While the moon her […]

Prayer For Peace - Perry Como

Come and join me in a prayer, In a humble prayer for peace. One voice may be weak, But together we’ll be heard . . . Let us gather ¡®round and pray, For a life of peace and love, In a world that’s free from want, And free from fear. Pray for the hearts of […]

May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You - Perry Como

May the good lord bless an’ keep you, Whether near or far away. May you find that long awaited, Golden day today . . . May your troubles all be small ones, And your fortune ten times ten, May the good lord bless and keep you, ¡®til we meet again . . . May you […]

In The Garden - Perry Como

I come to the garden alone, While the dew is still on the roses, And the voice i hear falling on my ear, The son of god discloses . . . And he walks with me, and he talks with me, And he tells me i am his own, And the joy we share as […]

A Still Small Voice - Perry Como

A still small voice will speak to you one day. A still small voice will call to you and say, " i am the earth, the sky, the brightest star on high, The tallest tree, the smallest drop of dew." A still small voice one day will say to you! The still small voice from […]

I May Never - Perry Como

Pass this way again I’ll give my hand to those who cannot see, The sunshine or the fallin’ rain. I’ll sing my song to cheer the weary along, For i may never pass this way again! I’ll share my faith with every troubled heart, So i shall not have lived in vain. I’ll give my […]

Scarlet Ribbons - Perry Como

I peeked in to say goodnight, And then i heard my child in prayer: "and for me some scarlet ribbons, Scarlet ribbons for my hair . . ." All the stores were closed and shuttered, All the streets were dark and bare . . . In our town, no scarlet ribbons, Not one ribbon for […]

Only One - Perry Como

Only one can make the valley deep, The mountain high, the oak tree strong, Only one can bless us while we sleep, And give us faith to keep, To keep our whole life long . . . Only one can hear each prayer we say, And pray that we might learn his way, So has […]

No Well On Earth - Perry Como

No summer cloud, Is white enough to match, The color of her hair! No span of time, Is long enough to ever end, Her tender care! And since i’m speaking of, My mother’s love, Please let me tell you sir! No well on earth, Is deep enough to drown, The love i hold for her!