Welcome To The World - Michael Bolton

Now it’s ready or not Boy, you better come on strong Give it all you’ve got ’cause they’ll really turn the pressure on And you find it strange But it’s so insane When you know ya don’t believe that You’re part of their game The bell rings and you come out Fightin’ just the same, […]

Stay - Michael Bolton

As i search this heart of mine For words to tell you If you give me time i swear I’ll find a way How i’ve come to feel about you I couldn’t think of life without you These words could never say Like a fool i let my pride mislead me In this world i […]

Sooner Or Later - Michael Bolton

So you love the way he holds you in the night And you believe him when he tells you Everything’s alright But i wonder if you know The nature of his game And all the others he’s been lovin’ just the same Yeah Chorus Sooner or later, somebody’s gotta let you know Sooner or later, […]

She Wants You Back - Michael Bolton

Well you thought it was over But that’s not what she told me today She said you and your pride Man, you let it get in the way And if things weren’t bad enough Well, she told me you were taking Her love for granted, oh yeah Chorus She wants you back, she wants you […]

Really Wanna Know - Michael Bolton

The people come from all around And lay their precious money down Satisfaction, guaranteed No distractions, all you need Spend a weekend in paradise Try this on, it’s very nice You’re having fun Stick around and we’ll sell you the sun And soon ya learn to play the game Ya lose ya win it’s all […]

My World Is Empty Without You - Michael Bolton

And as i go my way alone I find it hard for me to carry on I need your warmth, i need your tender touch I need the love you know that i mess so much My world is empty without you babe My world is empty without you babe From this whole world i […]

Maybe It’s The Power Of Love - Michael Bolton

When it comes to giving you the best of me I don’t know why, i don’t know why I don’t even have to try When it comes to holding true These words i say I look at you, one look at you How can i turn my head away With the sound of your voice […]

Love Is Hard To Find - Michael Bolton

Good times they come and they go Seems it’s always been that way to me And sometimes the feelings show But it’s not the way you want it to be Love is more than holding on And it’s never too long Before i’ve gotta be free Well i know it, i do know it now […]

Breakaway - Michael Bolton

There’s something missing here and you know it So why deny what you’ve been going through You felt it coming though you tried not to show it Facing a price you can no longer pay It’s time for a change in the plans you had made Chorus Breakaway, oh, breakaway From all your lying Breakaway, […]

Airwaves - Michael Bolton

Are you ready? say you’ll let me Take you for a ride The night is young, it’s just begun Why don’t you step inside Get ready, get ready We’ll leave this place behind You’ll feel the airwaves answer Every question in your mind With every moment passing by Who’s got the time to wonder why […]