She’s A Girl And I’m A Man - Lloyd Cole

She said she didn’t understand and so she guessed he was deep She swore he’d never been to college and was too tall to be So as she led him to the slaughter thinking she’d be laughing last Now the lady in the question is his better half She’s gotta be the stupidest girl i’ve […]

Southside [feat. Ashanti] - Lloyd Cole

[Verse 1A: Lloyd] Tell ya daddy stop his hating Cuz I be wearing braids and rockin jerseys daily But that dont mean im thuggin no He dont want me with ya But I aint tryna hear it though Not tryna hear it though [Verse 1B: Ashanti (Lloyd)] But I know that if he knew yah […]

Weird On Me - Lloyd Cole

Didn’t mean to get you mad at me misty Swear i`d never try to turn your brown eyes blue It’s just that i haven`t got a taste for this whisky Maybe i i`ve been missing someone like you Maybe i’ve been tired, maybe i’ve been lonely I’ve been lonely and blue Maybe i’ve been missing […]

The Steady Slowing Down Of The Heart - Lloyd Cole

Moonlight shines on you and me Got the sailors back from the sea You try sleeping but all that you hear is The steady slowing down of my heart It’s not that you get lazy It’s not about getting old It’s not that you get up in the morning Wishing you never woke The car […]

That Boy - Lloyd Cole

Even though the skies are blue Don’t we let the sun shine through Because he is a jerk i guess Does that make him love you less Could you forgive that boy Could you find some part of your aching heart To forgive that boy Could you take him home Could you hold him in […]

Radio City Music Hall - Lloyd Cole

You just saved my life Now this may not be what you had in mind Would you love me to death my dear Oh no no she said better alive than dead When are you gonna come home (when are you gonna come home) Are you waiting for the end of the world (when are […]

Mystery Train - Lloyd Cole

Train i ride, sixteen coaches long Train i ride, sixteen coaches long Well that long black train got my baby and gone Train train, comin’ ’round the bend Train train, comin’ ’round the bend Well it took my baby, but it never will again (no, not again) Train train, comin’ down the line Train train, […]

Millionaire - Lloyd Cole

Well she’s a girl in a million And i’m a millionaire She wants to mother my children I think i wanna marry her Well i haven`t got a lot of money Got a full head of hair? But she’s a girl in a million And i’m a millionaire Her dad’s a bigshot politician Her mother […]

Mannish Girl - Lloyd Cole

I used to be content to frown But anything for money now I’d rather be a mannish kind of girl I used to get drunk on spanish wine Well now i’m drunk most all the time I guess i’ve been too grateful for too long So i sit around and wait And watch the grass […]

Jesus Said - Lloyd Cole

Jesus said to mary: lord the things we do for love Well do you think i seem selfconcious, Its only you i’m thinking of. I was hiding in the bathroom quite unable to cry. Now i’m weeping with a vengeance Since your voice came down the line. And i move up from the country, Oh […]