Head Sprung - LL Cool J

[Verse] They call me Big L’y, Big Silly Big Money, Big Billy When I’m sliding in them all can ya hear me? I be sexing wit these bars so ya feel me Let me grip it up for cuz in the back Let me grip it get a buzz in ya hat I’m a tell […]

Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J

[LL] C’mon man [News Report] And with the local DBT news LL Cool J with a triumphant comeback [mumbling] but tonite… [LL] Don’t call it a comeback I been here for years Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear Makin the tears rain down like a MON soon Listen to the bass go BOOM […]

The Boomin’ System - LL Cool J

{Marley Marl:} Just kick a little something for them cars that be bumpin Yeah aight But we need a beat that they can front to Oh that’ll work Be funky You know what I’m sayin? (Cars ride by with the boomin systems) (Cars ride by) Funky For all the cars out there And all the […]

Around the Way Girl - LL Cool J

(You got me shook up shook down shook out on your loving) (On your loving) I want a girl with extensions in her hair Bamboo earrings At least two pair A Fendi bag and a bad attitude That’s all I need to get me in a good mood She can walk with a switch and […]

Jingling Baby ["Remixed But Still Jingling"] - LL Cool J

[And you say New York City…] {2x} Chorus: (They’re jinglin’ baby) Go ‘head baby. {4x} Uncle. L. Future of the funk. Records I recorded minus all the junk. People spread gossip and believe what they must but I slam dunk punks and make ‘me bite the dust. A minute is needed to make a phony […]

To da Break of Dawn - LL Cool J

Yeah (To da break of dawn) All my sex involved As we get funky Rhymes so bizarre Everybody knows When it come to a situation like this Little more effects And I can’t resist So we get funky in the house Youknowmsayin? L.L. Cool J style What? This ain’t on a pop tip Check it […]

Cheesy Rat Blues - LL Cool J

Intro: sampled from “The Vapors” by BizMarkie Nothin can save ya Nothin can save ya Nothin can save ya *scratched* Nothin Just throw your hands in the air And wave ’em like you just don’t care Keep ’em there Yo run the jewels run the jewels run the jewels *scratched* Can you feel it Verse […]

Luv U Better - LL Cool J

[Intro: Marc Dorsey] This is for my number one This is for my number one This is for my number one True baby for I adore [Verse 1] This is hard to say I wanna make sure I go about this in the right way Cuz lately I been busy a lot And I know […]

Intro - LL Cool J


You Can’t Dance - LL Cool J

He man, I’ve seen ya, think ya rockin’ it on the floor… You look like a moron! Who let you in the door? To put the question bluntly: maybe your feet’s deformed. They should slap you in the teeth when you put your dancing shoes on. You can’t dance. Why don’t you just nail your […]