Where Is The One - Frank Sinatra

Where is the one Who’ll end the search i’m making Where is the one Who’ll change my dream to waking Behind some far off secret door There’s my love There’s my life In store The journey’s long Much longer than i reckoned In any throng I’ll know her in a second Some lucky day I’m […]

Where Are You - Frank Sinatra

Where are you Where have you gone without me I thought you cared about me Where are you Where’s my heart Where is the dream we started I can’t believe we’re parted Where are you When we said good-bye love What had we to gain When i gave you my love Was it all in […]

Rain (falling From The Skies) - Frank Sinatra

Writer(s): mellin/finlay Rain falling from the skies Like lonely tears through misty eyes Rain streaming down my face Brings memories my heart cannot erase Here alone in all my sorrows Waiting for the clouds to hurry by Praying that a new tomorrow Will put the sun back in the sky Rain wash away my tears […]

Night We Called It A Day, The - Frank Sinatra

There was a moon out in space But a cloud drifted over its face You kissed me and went on your way The night we called it a day I heard the song of the spheres Like a minor lament in my ears I hadn’t the heart left to pray The night we called it […]

Maybe You’ll Be There - Frank Sinatra

Each time i see a crowd of people Just like a fool i stop and stare It’s really not the proper thing to do But maybe you’ll be there I go out walking after midnight Along the lonely thoroughfare It’s not the time or place To look for you But maybe you’ll be there You […]

Lonely Town - Frank Sinatra

New york, new york Or a village in iowa The only difference is the name If you’re alone Whether on main street Or on broadway If you’re alone They are both the same A town’s a lonely town When you pass through And there is no one waiting there for you Then it’s a lonely […]

Laura - Frank Sinatra

Writer(s): david raksin – johnny mercer Laura is the face in the misty lights Footsteps that you hear down the hall The (love) that floats on a summer night That you can never quite recall And you see laura on a train that is passing through Those eyes how familiar they seem She gave your […]

I Think Of You - Frank Sinatra

In the hush of evening As shadows steal across my lonely room I think of you I think of you From afar the music Of violins come softly through the gloom All i can do Is think of you O i can see you standing there before me And i can hear you whisper You […]

I Cover The Waterfront - Frank Sinatra

Writer(s): comden/green/styne I cover the waterfront I’m watching the sea Will the one i love be coming back to me? I cover the waterfront In search of my love And i’m covered by a starless sky above Here am i patiently waiting, hoping and longing Oh, how i yearn! Where are you? Are you forgetting? […]

I Can Read Between The Lines - Frank Sinatra

Writer(s): getzov/frank You don’t laugh anymore, when we’re alone You don’t talk quite as long, when we’re on the phone You say that you, still love me so But i can read between the lines You don’t hear half the things, that i say to you You don’t hold me as close, as you used […]