Shy Guy - Diana King

I don’t want no fly guy I just want a shy guy That’s what i want yeah You know what i want yeah Oh lordamercy mercy mercy Di man dem in a di party party party Di ole a dem look sexy sexy sexy Watch dem just a Follow me follow me follow me Everyweh […]

I Say A Little Prayer - Diana King

Say a little prayer for you, Say a little prayer for you From the moment mi wake up Before mi put on mi make up Mi say a little prayer for you While combing mi hair now Mi a wonder what dress me wear now Mi say a little prayer for you Forever and ever […]

Still - Diana King

I watch you whilst you sleep I think about tommorow And pray you’ll never go Somewhere i could’t follow Young as we are now We won’t live forever, sad but true If you went away I’d still be loving you Still be wanting you Looking in your eyes I see our children’s children Sure as […]

Wicked - Diana King

Wicked like me nobody wicked like me A gal like me shoulda star in a yu movie Wicked like me when yu wicked like me Wicked like me me full a nuff stylie So you wanna romance me, undress me You gotta impress me I can be easy if i wanna be But you got […]

Tenderness - Diana King

Just a little tenderness At the end of the day Is all a woman needs, to take her fears away Cold, cold di world so cold Mi waash someone to have and to hold Ina di nite, when di feelings a bite Hug mi up, squeeze mi up mek mi feel right Forget di problems, […]

Supa-lova-bwoy - Diana King

Some girls they just living a lie With a man who don’t even try Making a plan to escape, just can’t wait Fantasizing day and night Wondering what it would be like If the right one came along, to turn them on Ya hav man like this and man like that, Sum a dem slim, […]

Sweeter - Diana King

Sweeter and sweeter Our love will grow Deeper and deeper just let it flow Higher and higher straight to the sky Love never dies, it never dies Bway you fe no that the suh it fe go Anytime you come around All me worries drop a grung You gi me di golden touch That’s why […]

Mi Coffee - Diana King

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Find My Way Back (commercial Single In Stores 4/21/1998) - Diana King

I’m gonna find my way back Find my way back If it takes my whole life thru I’m gonna find my way back No matter what i must do I’m gonna find my way back Find my way back, find my way back There’s an ocean between us I never meant it to be this […]

Love Yourself - Diana King

Little sister Spends her whole Life searching, For the man who can Touch her heart But the lover that she’s With ain’t working I hate to see her cry, Why can’t she realize She deserves a better situation, Then a fist and a kiss goodnight I wish she’d take another’s invitation To see that real […]