Seanchas - Clannad

An seanchas gearr, an seanchas is fearr An scéal is giorra is milse i mbéal An chnid is lú an chnid is fearr Focal nó dhó mį thaithníonn lig dó Fol la ‘lore’ Fol la lae Fol dé da dú ril la Fol dé daí é Scéal gearr greanmhar nį scéal fada fann Droch-scéal fada […]

Dream In The Night, A - Clannad

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Broken Pieces - Clannad

Broken pieces everywhere, I stole my(????) mind, and found i care Running on the morning tide, Something you would say to me. We drank the waters of delight, We played the games of wrong and right. Did we understand They’re just footsteps in the sand? Oh long dreaming, find my tears I could love you, […]

Bridge, A (that Carries Us Over) - Clannad

Time came around, and i was in need You came by my side, all my troubles to ease You collected my heart, healing the past You’ll never lay down (????) and i can count on you We all speak well of a bridge that carries us over …over safe The art of compromise has surely […]

Together We - Clannad

Together We… Together we sing… Together free… Together we…

Herne - Clannad

I find my way Night and day I am the Hunter …the Hunter Twenty Years Of waiting here I am the Hunter …the Hunter