Yo Mamma - Aerosmith

I met a little girl who was so high class (totally) I was as lonely as can be she had a beautiful * She was lonely She showed me her tattoo it was right there on her breast Somewhere in a city in the middle of the west When she asked me to her house […]

What Kind Of Love Are You On? - Aerosmith

You say one thing, then you do another You got it all wrong so you blame it on your mother You’re kickin the dog, but you can’t get the cat You know it ain’t cool, but you like it like that Everybody talkin bout what it is, what it ain’t Kiss on the devil, and […]

Wham Bam - Aerosmith

I got a hole in my heart Lord i gotta do some patchin’ Got the seven year itch, girl, We gotta do some scratchin’ Lay down momma Got a holy resurrection You got the oo-ee baby That’s sweeter than confection You don’t need no invitation Grab the devil by the tail If you got the […]

Theme To ‘wayne’s World’ - Aerosmith

It’s wayne’s world, it’s wayne’s world It’s party time, it’s excellent It’s wayne’s world, it’s wayne’s world It’s party time, it’s excellent Chicks go mental when we go down the street, ooo It’s wayne and garth when they want to meet Yeah, we’re in the basement playing with our toys And if you do not […]

Take It Easy - Aerosmith

Everybody talkin’ ’bout what it is and what it ain’t What kinda house and what kinda paint Everybody seems to be steppin’ in time But it’s much too fast and i gotta remind ya Ooooo, we gotta take it easy Ooooo, we gotta take it easy Old kinda feelings, saturday nights God i’m afraid n’ […]

Sudona Sunrise - Aerosmith

I was a city boy Cought up in a city way A nitty gritty boy Stayin’ out all night And always gettin blown away There ain’t no breeze to cool the heat of love She was a city girl With no responsibility A pretty little city girl All fired up and what’s That got to […]

Stop Messin’ Around - Aerosmith

Baby, please stop messin’ ’roundin You’ll be messin’ around all the time Baby, please stop messin’ around You’ll be messin’ around all the time If you don’t stop messin’ ’round You’ll be somebody’s friend Instead of mine, yes sir You’re rockin’ the temprature My baby’s cherry red You’re rockin’ so hard I fall right out […]

Scream In Pain - Aerosmith

It’s deep insignus That knows me well It’s all around me My mind can tell And all the children They know my name They scream forever I know the pain Oh, feel the pain Oh, feel the pain Oh, feel the pain Oh, feel the pain It’s a sleep insignus That knows me well She’s […]

Rocket 88 - Aerosmith

Yea i think i know I really hate it when it gets too slow I gotta try and keep myself amused I love the way my rocket purrs I like it best when i see blurs You gotta love to watch me light my fuse No more lookin’ back to yesterday I got the thing […]

Once Is Enough - Aerosmith

Been lucked out Broke a woman’s heart With only myself to blame Fate ran its course I suffered a loss I learned a lesso in pain Cheated, lied I took love for granted Oh, i paid the price I won’t last a night I won’t make the same mistake twice Once is enough, it’s one […]