So Dem A Com (explorer Version) - The Explorer

Late in the evening when the "e-type" left the stage Casanova takes over, now they call me p.j. Them balin: rampam-zibbie-dibbie, ever in style P.j. breaks your heart and then he’ll leave you with a smile So dem a com, so dem a com, dem a com, dem a com So dem a com with […]

You Will Always Be A Part Of Me - The Explorer

My mind keeps drifting back To things we said this morning Now i’m sitting here alone Watching the world pass me by Every time we part i fell like i’m falling No matter what you think I still love you You will always be a part of me No matter what we do You will […]

We Gotta Go - The Explorer

We gotta go We’ve got nothing to lose now Time has come for us to get out We gotta go If we’re going down, well Let’s go down in flames Gotta go now Gimme something, I can’t stand waiting Don’t wanna live you life in a rut, so get in Coming on strong like a […]

I’m Not Alone - The Explorer

I’m always on the run, Restless searching the sun I’m on my way, it’s all a Timeless never ending story My life is a civil war, Between all open doors So little time so many Goals left to achieve It’s ok, ok, ok, Insecurity to live this way, i wonder? I’m not alone I’m not […]

Fall From The Sky - The Explorer

You had to go that far to prove your strength and ability To stand alone against the tide of tears It made me see some of my own stupidity But it’s too late to look back at the old fears So tell me, i’m lost and i’m out here Tell me, if there is a […]

Forever Wild - The Explorer

We are forever wild Come follow me now……. Hear how….this bell tolls just for you Don’t fight what this will bring you This is what to do We’re starting out from low Time to go insane Take a step into the fast lane Rattle all your chains It’s friday in your veins, believe it We’re […]

You Know - The Explorer

Lived my life to the extreme I’ve been waisting my time with lies Lived my life from dream to dream You have awaken the beast that sleeps I’ll be forever here, around you day and night I’ll never let you down, i’ll stay right here You know that i will always stand by your side […]

Free Like A Flying Demon - The Explorer

I’m calling upon your attention Now is the time, we’re talking serious redemption Come follow me Red light wasn’t warning when i first saw her body move I wasn’t sure it was a jet stall. I thought i had it all, now i am down and low Memories on the wall, i have to let […]

I Just Wanna Be With You - The Explorer

It’s time to cut the slack now You are gonna hear me balin’ truth Back out from the underworld i’m here now I’ve got something to prove So hush and keep up now, serious, i’m telling you that She’s one of a kind Keep all your fingers to yourself I’m here to take back what’s […]

Back In The Loop - The Explorer

Time has come to get the troops back together No one’s cruising for a bruising It’s a landslide, can’t die Time to get what’s coming to me Time to let things go There is no way to stop the yellow danger Time has come for you Cause i’m back…. Back! cause i’m back…..back! I’m back……back! […]