Lukin’ - No Code

lukin Drive down the street can’t find the keys to my own fucking home I take a walk so i can curse my ass for being dumb I make a right after the arches. . . stinking grease and bone Stop at the supermarket. . . people stare like i’m a dog I’m gone to […]

Who You Are - No Code

Come to send, not condescend Transcendental consequence Is to transcend where we are Who are we? Who we are Trampled moss on your souls Changes all, you’re a part Seen it all, not at all Can’t defend the command Take me a for a ride before we leave… Circumstance, clapping hands Driving winds, happenstance Off […]

Sometimes - No Code

Large fingers pushing paint You’re God and you’ve got big hands Colors blend… the challenges you give man Seek my part… devote myself My small self… like a book amongst the many on a shelf Sometimes I know, sometimes I rise Sometimes I fall, sometimes I don’t Sometimes I cringe, sometimes I live Sometimes I […]

Smile - No Code

Don’t it make you smile? Don’t it make you smile? When the sun don’t shine? (shine at all) Don’t it make you smile? Don’t it make you smile? Don’t it make me smile? When the sun don’t shine, it don’t shine at all Don’t it make me smile? I miss you already… I miss you […]

Red Mosquito - No Code

Watched from the window, with a red mosquito I was not allowed to leave the room I saw the sun go down, and now it’s coming up Somewhere in the time between I was bitten, must have been the devil He was just paying me… A little visit, reminding me of his presence Letting me […]

Present Tense - No Code

Do you see the way that tree bends? Does it inspire? Leaning out to catch the sun’s rays A lesson to be applied Are you getting something out of this all-encompassing trip? You can spend your time alone, redigesting past regrets, oh Or you can come to terms and realize You’re the only one who […]

Off He Goes - No Code

1, 2, 1, 2… Know a man, his face seems pulled and tense Like he’s riding on a motorbike in the strongest winds So I approach with tact Suggest that he should relax But he’s always moving much too fast Said he’ll see me on the flipside On this trip he’s taken for a ride […]

Mankind - No Code

You’ll be Going out with radio Going out with disco Going out like rock and roll I’ll be Going out with telephone Going out alone To the radar zone It’s all just inadvertant imitation And I don’t mean mine It’s all across this nation If it’s just inadvertant simulation A pattern in all mankind What’s […]

Lukin - No Code

Drive down the street can’t find my keys to my own fucking home. I take a walk so I can curse my ass for being dumb. I make a right after the arches, stinking grease and bone. Stop at the supermarket, people stare like I’m a dog. I’m goin’ to Lukin’s… I got a spot […]

In My Tree - No Code

Up here in my tree Newspapers matter not to me No more crowbars to my head I’m trading stories with the leaves instead Wave to all my friends They don’t seem to notice me All their eyes trained on the street Sidewalks, cigarettes and scenes Up here so high I start to shake Up here […]