Goodbye Tomorrow - Hollies Sing Hollies

(clarke) Now i see you and you laugh, my friend "didn’t i tell you so," you say I just want to be alone, my friend Will you please just go away Today goes on like any other day It doesn’t know, it doesn’t care Never knew what loneliness could mean, Having love and then despair […]

You Love ‘cos You Like It - Hollies Sing Hollies

(sylvester / clarke) You love ‘cos you like it You like it because you’re loving me You touch ‘cos you like it You like it because you’re touching me You kiss ‘cos you like it You like it because you’re kissing me You hold ‘cos you like it You like it because you’re holding me […]

Marigold : Gloria Swansong - Hollies Sing Hollies

(sylvester / clarke) The book i bought yesterday I started to read I found a small marigold Pressed between leaves And in that small marigold, Well, i found a note Saying, "please won’t you write to me ’cause i’m so alone" So i’m going to write back today Yes, i’m going to write right away […]

Soldiers Dilemma - Hollies Sing Hollies

(clarke) Please answer my question Why do i have to go to war I don’t believe in the government’s greed I find the whole thing a bore Well if you think that it’s right To fight well then fight Well please don’t ask me to join in The trouble were in, How did it begin […]

Do You Believe In Love - Hollies Sing Hollies

(sylvester / clarke / hicks) Do you believe in love Do you believe in love There ain’t no doubt about it Everybody’s gonna jump up and shout About do you believe in love Chorus Taking a walk down in the street There’s bound to be someone you can meet Someone who believes in love, Someone […]

Please Let Me Please You - Hollies Sing Hollies

(hicks / clarke) What did you do today You turned the other way I tried to kiss you, But you laughed in my face It’s a thing to do Knowing that i love you Don’t be to hasty; The tables will turn Please, please, please, Let me please you Please let me please you Please […]

My Life Is Over With You - Hollies Sing Hollies

(clarke / hicks) You wanna explain, that’s why you called Save your breath it doesn’t matter at all, Not now, my friend You played your cards, and you made your choice I don’t wanna listen to your voice, Not now, my friend I’ve found a new part to play in life There’s different actors on […]

Please Sign Your Letters - Hollies Sing Hollies

(sylvester / clarke / hicks) Please sign your letters Please don’t make me blue Please sign your letters, And then i’ll know it’s you Can’t stop thinking of you You’re always on my mind Please sign your letters Please don’t be unkind I read your letter I read most every line You said you loved […]

Look At Life - Hollies Sing Hollies

(sylvester / clarke) Look at life, take a look around you Look at life, doesn’t it astound you See the colors of the sky Watch the colors of a rainbow We’re so lucky, you and i Look at life It’s there for us So why don’t we use it Four seasons of the year All […]