Work Song - With Strings

Oscar brown jr, nat adderley Breaking rocks out here on the chain gang Breaking rocks and serving my time Breaking rocks out here on the chain gang Because they done convicted me of crime Hold it steady right there while i hit it Well reckon that ought to get it Been Working and working But […]

That’s All - With Strings

Alan brandt, bob haymes I can only give you country walks in spring time The hand to hold when leaves begin to fall And the lover’s burning lights were born on the winter nights That’s all that’s all There are those i know who have told you They could give you the whole round world […]

Spring Is Here - With Strings

Richard rodgers, lorenz hart Sprinh is here Why doesn’t my heart go dancing Spring is here Why isn’t the waltz entrancing No desire no ambition leads me Maybe it’s becaus nobody needs me Spring is here Why doesn’t the breeze delight me Stars appear Why doesn’t the night invite me But maybe it’s because nobody […]

Porgy, I Is Your Woman Now - With Strings

[Porgy:] Bess, you is my woman now, You is, you is! An’ you mus’ laugh an’ sing an’ dance For two instead of one. Want no wrinkle on yo’ brow, Nohow, Because de sorrow of de past is all done done Oh, Bess, my Bess! [Bess:] Porgy, I’s yo’ woman now, I is, I is! […]

Man With A Horn - With Strings

You’ll always find me near the man with the horn Find me there from dark until dawn Cos that’s a place where music is born So fine so sweetly he plays and says it so well. Come lately You’ll find that you’re under his spell so if you’re in the mood for music and love […]

I Loves You Porgy - With Strings

(1935) ira gershwin, dubose heyward, george gershwin I loves you, porgy, Don’t let him take me Don’t let him handle me And drive me mad If you can keep me I wanna stay here with you forever And i’ll be glad Yes i loves you, porgy, Don’t let him take me Don’t let him handle […]

Gimme A Pigfoot (and A Bottle Of Beer) - With Strings

(1933) wesley "sox" wilson Up in harlem on a saturday night Were the highbrows get together, it’s just to tight We all gather at the harlem strut And what we do is tut tut tut Ol’ hannah brown, from way cross town Keeps drinking her liquor and she brings them down Just at the break […]

Falling In Love Again (can’t Help It) - With Strings

Sammy lerner, frederick hollander Falling in love again i never wanted to What am i to do i can’t help it Love has always been my game play it how i may I was made that way i can’t help it Men cluster to me like moths around a flame And if their wings burn […]

Blackbird - With Strings

Herbert sacker, nina simone Why you wanna fly blackbird you ain’t ever gonna fly No place bif enough for holding all the tears you’re gonna cry Cos your mama’s name was lonely and your daddy’s name was pain And they call you little sorrow cos you’ll never love again So why you wanna fly blackbird […]

Baubles, Bangles And Beads - With Strings

Wright, forrest Baubles bangles hear how they ring ching-a-lingle Baubles bangles bright shiny heads sparkles spangles My heart will sing sing-a-linge Wearing baubles bangles and beads I glitter and gleam so make somebody dream So that some day he may buy me A ring a-ling a-ling a-ling a-ling A-ling a-ling a-ling a-lingle I’ve heard that’s […]