Surrender - Let It Loose

Will you tell me All your secrets Could you really be sincere Whisper all your inhibitions The things you most fear Don’t turn away I want to get to know you in the worst, worst way Come back baby come back Come back baby come back Come bacK baby come back Surrender su-su-surrender to me […]

Rhythm Is Gonna Get You - Let It Loose

O eh, o eh, o eh, o eh O eh, oo aah, o eh, oo aah Yah ya goh O eh, o eh, o eh, o eh O eh, oo aah, o eh, oo aah O eh, o eh Yah ya goh At night when you turn off all the lights There’s no place that […]

Love Toy - Let It Loose

Doo wop bop When it comes to boys Mama always said Never let any temptation Go to your head Doo wop bop Oh but it’s so tempting so delicious When I kiss your lips When I feel your fingertips ‘Cause ooh, you’re my love toy No batteries required Ooh, you’re my love toy Wind me […]

Let It Loose - Let It Loose

Lookin’ out for trouble, lookin’ to succeed Tut, tu-ru ru, tut tut, tu-ru ru Set yourself free Baby, loosen up your tie Papu mao, mao, papu mao mao mao Ooh let it loose Ooh let it loose Breakdown in the tempo Cold sweat constantly Play the radio loud and get lost in the beat Come […]

I Want You So Bad - Let It Loose

You’re the only one To make me tremble The one to show me How to laugh and cry In your arms I feel complete surrender Why baby why To feel no need for lies or alibis I want you so bad Ooh baby I really, really want you What should we do What should we […]

Give It Up - Let It Loose

There’s no wrong and no right In the heat of the night you stop thinking You don’t care anymore Throw all doubt out the door And you let go You may try to fight back by ignoring the fact That you want it But it’s harder each day No more games you can play to […]

Can’t Stay Away From You - Let It Loose

Time flies When you’re having fun I heard somebody say But if all I’ve been is fun Then baby let me go Don’t wanna be in your way And I don’t wanna be your second choice Don’t wanna be just your friend You keep telling me that you’re not in love You wanna throw it […]

Betcha Say That - Let It Loose

Betcha say that Betcha say that To all the girls You say you’ll be my knight in shining armour We’ll run away and live a life of glamour You say for me you’ll be true blue You say you want me everywhere beside you and that you just cannot live without me, no You say […]

Anything For You - Let It Loose

Anything for you Though you’re not here Since you said we’re through It seems like years Time keeps dragging on and on And forever’s been and gone Still I can’t figure what went wrong I’d still do anything for you I’ll play your game You hurt me through and through But you can have your […]

1-2-3 - Let It Loose

they tell me you’re shy boy but I want you just the same don’t play innocent with me you know it’s just not fun and games when I look into your eyes so much passion burns inside but if you need some coaxing I will do it step by step there’s nothing to it 1-2-3-4 […]